Visual Retailing Software

Take your visual merchandising to the next level with Asset Factory and cutting-edge merchandising platform partner, IWD. Plan and create unique guidelines to streamline your merchandising processes, execute in-store directives to simplify in-store communication and compliance, and analyse store performance to optimise your strategies and plan future campaigns.
40% reduced costs
Plan and create online guidelines to remove staff labour and material costs like printing and shipping.
25% daily time saved
Get rid of inefficient processes to save time and maintain brand consistency across your retail stores.
35% productivity improvement
Improve cross-functional team collaboration and gain complete control over your customer experience.

Plan & create visual guidelines

Establish clear branding rules and gain control over your in-store experience
Whether you’ve got one store or many in different locations, the IWD merchandising platform will streamline your visual retailing processes, make sure your branding is consistent across stores, and help you adapt quickly to your local market needs.
  • Digitise your retail merchandising process
  • Manage all your brand assets in one place
  • Create local specific guidelines for each location
  • Build planograms with standard 2D linear shelving
  • Build planograms with fully modelled 3D stores
  • Ensure brand consistency across retail stores
  • Build & create directives in 1 day instead of 7
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Execute in-store directives

Save time, maximise sales, and execute your in-store branding strategy
Say goodbye to miscommunication with staff and wasted time shuffling through pages of merchandising guidelines; the easy-to-use IWD merchandising software ensures that your staff implement guidelines and promotions correctly, and your stores look and perform the way they should.
  • Execute your visual merchandising strategy quickly and efficiently
  • Share locally adapted guidelines with your stores in minutes
  • Send guidelines to local marketing teams for implementation
  • Improve and streamline communication across your stores
  • Check store compliance and share feedback with staff
  • Enhance your in-store branding experience
  • Improve your brand visibility and awareness
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Analyse store performance

Optimise your retail operations, enhance store performance, and plan for your next merchandising cycle.
See the results of your visual merchandising strategy. The IWD merchandising platform will give you a detailed visual analysis of store performance to help you see what’s working, anticipate your customers’ next moves, and deliver the right offers in the right place.
  • Measure the impact of your visual merchandising strategy
  • Integrate sales data to visually analyse sales performance
  • Product level, category level, shelf level, or store zone data
  • Use sales data and analytics to plan your next campaigns
  • Keep track of staff and store KPIs
  • Analyse competitor activity
  • Increase store profitability
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