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Next level creative photography.

The touch, feel and smell are sensory engagements that only exist when interacting with a physical product. At Asset Factory, our role is to bridge this gap between in-store and digital. That’s where creative photography comes in. This kind of content is such an important part of storytelling. It is what establishes your identity and gives your brand credibility.

Our automated studios offer customisable stages fit for any product. Designed for maximum ease of use, styling has never been more simple. Adjust your product in real-time using the live view seen on the attached iPad. Each time you make changes you can see it exactly as the camera does. There are no surprise results. To add an element of consistency, overlays, templates and saved framings can be used. The more technical elements such as camera movement, brightness and lighting are made simple with button controls so each aspect can be changed in a single swipe. External lights can also be moved around to add an extra layer of depth and shadowing to the overall composition. Our team of experts has produced an excellent lighting guide which can be seen here.

We support brands to create this content that represents the physical experience through a still image. Our technology exists to enable brands to create these exceptional customer experiences. Let us guide your journey. 

Why is creative photography important?

Creative photoshoots and original content is one of the best ways to get eyes on your brand. The more unique and socially aware your content is, the greater chance there is for more people to see it, like it and share it. Creative product photography is also a great way to give more context to your products and help the consumer to understand how the product will benefit their lives. The correct props should emphasise the theme, colour scheme or your brand identity. Carefully considering the genre or category that your brand falls into ensures you select the right props. For even more texture and visual interest, you can add natural elements such as fresh fruit, greenery and other natural elements. 

If we haven’t already convinced you, our blog and portfolio are full of incredible content produced by some of our clients and our expert in-house stylists. Take a look around and get inspired. Let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

  • It emphasises your identity
  • It assists in sharing your brand story, values and purpose
  • It establishes your expertise in the industry by building brand credibility 
  • High-quality content reflects a high-quality product
  • It maintains brand consistency from instore to ecommerce to social media
  • It gives a memorable experience 
  • Increases dwell time on your website
  • It is more likely to be shared by consumers
  • It strengthens your SEO efforts 

“Asset Factory was the perfect place to create consistent, high-quality imagery. We’ve been able to use the imagery and video created across our ecommerce platform and in customer newsletters and on social media.”

– Charlotte Pecover, Digital & Social Manager at Flooring Xtra