Video Production Services

Professional videos that tell your brand’s story

Create high-quality, professional video content at the same time as your stills using our Live and Eclipse Machines. These creative video production and photo studios have built-in software that takes the hard work out of content creation. With both stills and videos all being captured in the same set, the colour accuracy and consistency is unparalleled. With automated post production and video editing technology, our Live and Eclipse Machines make it easy to create captivating 360 degree product videos, professional model videos, creative videos, and everything in between. 

Live brings motion to your fashion and apparel, consumer products, homeware and furniture, and conceptual product lines. This automated creative video production studio is a customisable arena. No more frantically running between sets; the automated technology works alongside your creatives and stylists to produce fully-edited content, ready for any digital channel. Operated entirely by an iPad; lighting, angles, and zoom adjustments are all within the simple touch of a button, and you can save your settings and switch seamlessly between templates to maximise consistency and efficiency.

Eclipse produces cinematic videos for all of your smaller products; including pharmaceuticals, beauty, fashion accessories, food and beverages, FMCG, homewares, and more. Its fully customisable video production technology means your sequences are edited automatically, and the same controls that are available on the Live machine are also seen on the iPad attached to Eclipse.

Why you should use high quality video content

A combination of great product photography and unique video content is what sets your brand apart, keeps your audience engaged, and boosts your brand visibility. Key metrics like duration on site, brand trust, advocacy, conversion rates, and significantly lower returns make video a hidden gem that every ecommerce business should utilise. Using Asset Factory’s simple content creation technology, it’s easy for you to create engaging 360 degree video content, and our friendly team is always on hand to walk you through the process and lend their creative flair and expertise to your shoot.


Our team of experts has produced an informative creative lighting guide to help you elevate your content creation at Asset Factory. Check it out here.


  • Engaging video content increases brand trust and boosts sales
  • Social Media video is more likely to be shared than stills and text
  • Video allows you to get creative and tell your brand story
  • Unique creative opportunities at the touch of a button