Our Content Creation Services

Asset Factory’s automated Profoto StyleShoots™ technology enables us to work with brands from all over the world, spanning fashion, homewares, FMCG, health and beauty, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and more. 

Our drive is to scale up your photography and video production without the large investments of doing it in-house. Come in and shoot yourself at the touch of a button, or drop off your product and let our expert team handle it all. From product photography to social media content creation. We have the tools and automation that showcase your products in unique and engaging ways across any digital platform.

By condensing a photo studio and video studio into one, the speed and efficiency of your model shoots is unparalleled. A customisable arena with backdrops, flooring and props that can be added in an instant.

Ghost mannequin photography provides customers with an understanding of products without distraction. Our magnetic mannequins make outfit changes a breeze no matter the shape of your garment.

Flat Lay photography works best for the items shown from above. Our Horizontal machine will automatically clear cut your image providing you with creative flexibility. Add a background and get creative, or use our Eclipse machine for a crisp white finish. It’s simple content creation for ecommerce and social media.

All of our technology provides the perfect base for product photography in Australia. Any shape or size, automation can handle all the complexities. Backdrops can be easily altered, and lighting and camera position adjusted at the touch of a button. Give your customers a consistent and accurate experience from online to instore.

Our Profoto StyleShoots™ Live and Eclipse machines allow you to shoot video at the same time as your stills. Give your customers an accurate online experience with high-quality video that decreases returns. The endless freedom allows you to get creative, build sets and pull in other accessories to achieve your wildest digital and social media content creation visions.

Elevate your brand, improve engagement and tell your unique story with creative content. Our automated technology paired with our team’s expert knowledge will enable you to take your channels to the next level.