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Professional product photos at the touch of a button

Product photography is the key asset you need to promote and sell your products. Whether it’s for your ecommerce store, printed advertising, your stockists, marketplaces, or editorial features; it’s by far the most versatile content you can create. As important as it is for your business, you might not have the time, budget, and expertise to be creating exceptional content regularly – that’s where we come in! Our automated, state-of-the-art photo studio and expert team are here to help you capture professional product photography and deliver the best experience to your customers. 

Using our Live and Eclipse Machines, you can set up and save customisable templates for maximum efficiency and consistency with your product photography. No matter how long the gap between shoots, it’s easy to pick up where you left off and save your business time and money on content creation. You can also work with multiple templates within a single shoot and seamlessly switch between them, each of which can be set to achieve dramatically different results.

Our Vertical and Horizontal Machines have similar features, with the added benefit of an overlay option that shows you a previously styled garment or product on top of your live view, so you can style each product to match the one before it and get the same height, size, and shape. These features completely eliminate setup time, and ensure maximum consistency with your content creation. Plus, the extremely high quality of our technology means the content you produce can be exported and uploaded to whatever channel you want, within seconds; there’s no need for any post production unless you have specific requirements, or want to add an extra creative element.

Why is ecommerce product photography so important?

Traditional ecommerce imagery uses a white background or clear cut image, which is great for ecommerce stores because they give your products the ability to stand out whilst giving your customers a clear idea of the product details. Background free images remove any distractions, but also provide huge flexibility for content creation; designers have the ability to position products anywhere within promotional or online web stores no matter the background, and clear-cut is also a key image type for earning PR editorial features and media coverage. Shoot anything from ghost mannequin clear cuts, footwear, wine bottles, bags, hardware, technology, food and beverages, and everything else in between.

The ecommerce product image is often your customer’s final visual destination in their brand journey with you. You need to assume that they’ve gone into your retail store (if you have one), done competitor research and looked for other alternatives, checked out your social media accounts, and sifted through reviews! Taking all this into account will help you determine whether or not your visual content will inspire them to hit that buy now button, or move on from your brand. If you want to increase sales and minimise returns, you need high-quality, accurate, and brand consistent imagery. 

With years of experience in retail content creation, we’ve seen the results of great, engaging, and relatable content first hand. Some of the benefits are:

  • Provides customers with an accurate representation of the product they’ll receive
  • Increases buyer confidence and reduces returns
  • Consistency improves brand loyalty and trust
  • Consistent brand visibility and boosted brand awareness
  • High-quality content reflects a high-quality product 
  • Establishes and reaffirms your identity
  • Assists in telling your brand story
  • Strengthens your SEO efforts 
  • Gives you flexibility to design assets for social media or in-store POS


Our expert team and stylists are on hand to support your content creation journey; no matter the size or stage of your business. We’re full of ideas and are always up for a new challenge, so get in touch about working with us today! 

“Asset Factory’s knowledge about the retail industry is second to none. Their stance has helped me open up to new opportunities within the space and taught me how to best hold a business within the retail market.”

– Hamish Davies, Managing Director at Porter Packaging