On-Model Photography

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Bring your indoor model photography to life

At our Melbourne photography and video production studio, we make it super easy to create engaging, unique on-model content. Our Live machine is an all-in-one photo and video studio, with incredible built-in software that handles all the complexities of a traditional shoot, without the time and money that go with it. Within seconds, you can capture high-quality indoor model photography that’s completely unique to your brand. This walk-in content creation booth is completely controlled by the built-in iPad, so the lighting and camera angles can simply be changed at the touch of a button.

During your first shoot, we’ll set up and save customisable templates for maximum efficiency and consistency with your product photography. No matter how long the gap between shoots, it’s easy to pick up where you left off and save your business time and money on content creation. You can also work with multiple templates within a single shoot and seamlessly switch between them, each of which can be set to achieve dramatically different results.

Why you should use on-model photography

Clothing is made to be worn and lived in, so it’s no surprise that on-model photography is vital for fashion ecommerce businesses. Your customers don’t want to guess what things might look like on them, so it helps create a realistic representation of how the garment looks, fits, and moves on a body. Give them all the information they need to deliver confidence in the product, and you’ll maximise transactions and minimise returns. 

Live model photography also assists in add-on sales for your ecommerce business. Creating full outfits matched with accessories like shoes and jewellery inspires your customers, helps them to visualise themselves wearing it, and can persuade them to actually buy more. Plus, this content can be easily translated onto social media because the consistency allows for grids, collages, and transitions to be added without complex editing applications. Social media is a great way to promote your products to a wider audience, whilst also ensuring consistent brand visibility across platforms, and boosting your brand awareness.

Upload-ready content in seconds

Indoor model photography has never been so easy and efficient! No more frantically running between sets; the automated technology in our Melbourne photography studio works alongside your creatives and stylists to produce fully-edited content, ready for any digital channel. It’s a commercial model photoshoot that’s automatically edited, on-brand, and ready in a flash, without the commercial time and cost investment.

Using the live view, you can see exactly what the camera sees, style in real-time, and make adjustments on the fly. Use the quick send feature to send the image directly to your phone, and you’ll have amazing content ready to upload within seconds. 

Our automated photo and video production studio is a customisable arena. The white stage is just a starting point – simply switch up the background, add flooring, furniture, props, and accessories to create an entirely different experience, and endless lighting options are available at the touch of a button. 

Our team of experts has produced an informative creative lighting guide to help you get started. See the guide.


  • iPad operated camera and lights 
  • Fully edited video content with fades and transitions
  • Stills and video within one set up
  • Ability to interchange backdrops and add creative props
  • Make selects on the fly

“Asset Factory has been integral in maintaining our online and digital connection with customers by making the creation of content and high quality imagery of garments an easy, quick and pain free experience.”

– Benny Castles, Director & Designer of WORLD