Ghost Mannequin Photography

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Content, with no distractions

With no messy or multicoloured backgrounds, no harsh shadows or contrasting products, and no distractions, our Vertical Machine automates beautiful ghost mannequin photography. With built-in editing features, this photo studio is designed to save you hours of post production time; the incredible software and backlit glass work in harmony to clear cut your photo as soon as you tap the capture button.

Paired with our modular mannequins made up of magnetic parts, this product photography duo is a match made in heaven. You can simply remove whatever you don’t need from the mannequin, which makes styling those complicated garments easy, and ensures the best fit every time. Deep v-necks, sleeveless tops, blazers, playsuits, and everything in between; style your product in real-time using the live view seen on the iPad. Each time you make changes you can see it exactly as the camera does, so there are no surprise results. 

To add an element of consistency, an overlay can be placed over the top of this live view so your styling can be done to the same shape, height, and structure as your other items. The more technical elements like camera zoom, brightness, and lighting are made simple with button controls so each aspect can be changed in a single swipe.

Do it yourself or leave it to us

Our ghost mannequin photo studios are so user-friendly, they can either be operated through a DIY booking, or you can drop & run and leave the hard work to us. DIY allows you to come in and do it yourself with the support and shadowing of our expert team, and our Drop & Run option is a contactless service where you can send the product to us and our stylists will get to work producing world-class content on your behalf. Whatever service suits you, our team will make it work!


Create the perfect ecommerce business image...

Clear cut, ghost mannequin images are essential to ecommerce businesses, because it gives your customers a thorough understanding of each individual product and the details that come with it, without the distraction. Clear cut product photography provides huge flexibility for content creation; designers have the ability to position products anywhere within promotional or online web stores no matter the background, and it’s also a key image type for earning PR editorial features and media coverage. Our expert team and stylists are on hand to support your content creation journey; no matter the size or stage of your business. Get in touch with us today.

Or push the boundaries!

Change up the traditional ghost mannequin look and put a creative spin on your content by using our mannequins in unique ways. Using Vertical, a hook and a hanger can be attached to the backboard, so your garments can be styled and pinned up to give the perfect balance between a ghost mannequin and flat lay image. You can also leave the mannequin in the shot; our beautifully designed mannequins are made to be featured, which is a great option if you’re unable to get a model onsite, or you just want to skip the pressure and resources needed to organise a full model shoot. We’re full of ideas and are always up for a new challenge, so let’s work together.

“The convenience and ease using Asset Factory is fantastic. The team are always very welcoming and on hand to help with any questions or concerns. We turn our content around in such a short time frame.”

–  Elle Pugh, Co-Founder of Elle & Riley Cashmere