Level the Playing Field with
Automated Content Creation

Level the Playing Field with Automated Content Creation

Asset Factory enables brands of all sizes to create compelling content for their ecommerce platforms.

What we offer

Our backlit glass and editing features work to clear cut your assets at the tap of a button, and have them delivered to you quickly and efficiently.
Clear cut, flat lay assets are the currency of content creation. From web stores to social assets and editorial features they are needed in every medium. Maximise speed and efficiency.
Customisable presets result in maximum efficiency and consistency with your product stills and video, saving your business time and money.
With automated post production and video editing technology we make it easy to create captivating 360 degree ecommerce video content.
We assist brands in crafting creative content that captures the essence of the physical experience within a single image. It’s the key to shaping your brand’s identity, building trust and customer aspiration.
Clothing is made to be worn, so it’s no surprise that on-model photography is vital for fashion ecommerce businesses. Create on-model content your way with confidence.

How it works

Shoot a single product with our DIY service, Drop & Run when time is precious and everything in between.


Complimentary training provided before your booking commences

Complete this form to receive a free asset of your product. Our team will be in touch to arrange a demo and discuss your content requirements.


Drop & Run

When time is precious

Drop off or send us your product and our expert team will create world-class content on your behalf.

Why choose Asset Factory

Streamline content creation
We are your one-stop studio for professional photography, videography and content creation that sells. Whether you have one product or thousands, we have the solution your business needs.
Increase consistency, drive efficiency & reduce time
Our automated technology increases daily content output with consistency from shoot to shoot. The entire process is streamlined at the touch of a button to give you ecommerce-ready content more efficiently than ever before.
Expert team
We work with businesses all over Australasia, from small start-ups to iconic enterprise brands. We’re here to support your content creation journey whether you need planning, styling, asset creation, visual merchandising and more.

Don’t just take our word for it

Clients we work with

Level the playing field…

Get in touch to start creating high-quality content with ease.

Every business possesses unique content needs, influenced by many factors. That’s why we have tailored a diverse selection of offers to cater to all clients from start-up to large-scale, across retail and wholesale.