Perfecting E-commerce Visuals: Consistency and Efficiency

The demand for imagery and video assets, whether it’s e-commerce product stills or creative still-life content, is constant.

Businesses now require agile and frequent evolution in their marketing assets to keep pace with trends and consumer preferences. 

Here at Asset Factory, we take pride in our ability to create high quality content effectively and efficiently. Our user-friendly state of the art StyleShoots™ machines require minimal preparation depending on content requirements and the creative brief. 

With our Eclipse and Live machine’s, we can create client profiles aligned with your creative and technical specifications. This ultimately means that no matter who is styling your product, they can easily access your brand’s personalised presets saved to achieve consistent imagery and video. These settings can be adjusted at any time, from lighting to camera angles, depending on new products and changes in the overall aesthetic.

In a different way, when using the Horizontal and Vertical machines for flat-lay and ghost mannequin imagery, you can ensure consistency by utilising the overlay function. 

Once you have mastered the first image, you can add it as an overlay and work on matching your products to it with a live view on the iPad. This tool is perfect for those who are shooting the same item in multiple colourways. 

Whatever the product may be, the Asset Factory team is here to help achieve your creative and e-commerce goals by delivering premium imagery with a focus on consistency and efficiency.