Timeless unisex streetwear brand Porter James uses Asset Factory to create engaging fashion content for their ecommerce business and social channels.

The Porter James team uses the perfect combination of our Horizontal & Eclipse Machines to create unique and edgy ecommerce content. Beautifully folded and cared for by our stylist, we captured crisp and automatically clear cut images for the Porter James team, ready for ecommerce and social media within minutes thanks to our built-in post production technology. Flat lay product photography is essential for ecommerce stores because it gives incredible consistency and accuracy from screen to real-life product, which helps to increase conversion and reduce your return rates. Using our Eclipse Machine, we were able to capture and highlight unique details and material texture of each garment.

Showcase your products from above like Porter James

Make your products stand out from the crowd with exceptional flat lay product photography. Both our Horizontal and Eclipse photo studios offer content creation from a birds eye view; you can capture automatically clear cut images, crisp white background images, or get creative with coloured cards and textures. Whatever your desired outcome, our team is on hand to lend our expertise, creative ideas, and help you achieve captivating flat lay images.

See how to use our expert flat lay photography technology to produce unique ecommerce business content that will boost your brand visibility and awareness. Learn more.