Q & A: Flo & Frankie

A New Zealand-owned and led business, Flo & Frankie is known for a generous offering of fashion, homeware and gifts, and a unique shopping experience, where fashion meets lifestyle.  

Geo Smith, Flo & Frankie’s Creative Strategist, talks to us about working with Asset Factory and how the services support their need for ongoing content and key sales events, like the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Q. What ecommerce content challenges has Asset Factory been able to assist you with and how?

A. As a company with several brands in stock and fast turnaround, samples that arrive late, new content needs or last-minute look-books are no issue as the Asset team are so accommodating, and the bonus of not having to set up lighting, find a photographer, edit, crop and name content… It’s all done for you!

Q. You mentioned last minute content, has this also been the case with one off sales opportunities?

A. Leading up to key Sale events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Asset Factory is our go-to for imagery that will help us show our fashion in the best way possible. 

Q. Like many of our clients, you utilise our DIY service. Has your team found the user interface easy to work with?

A. We arrive and start shooting almost immediately. We love using the DIY service on the iPad as it’s so easy to use, meaning anyone from our team can be on set and take amazing images. 

Flo&Frankie x Asset Factory

Q. Has the technology and support met your output and service expectations?

A. We have never been able to get through so many outfits within a few hours! The Asset team is such a dream to work with, providing an effortless, quick and seamless service. 

Q. Besides efficient content production, have you seen other related benefits? 

A. The consistency and quality of the imagery we now have thanks to Asset Factory has elevated our brand in the eCommerce space.

If you are in need of last-minute content before BF/CM or Xmas then get in touch with the Asset Factory Team.  We have a range of service options to suit any brand big or small. 

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