Q&A with Content, Styling & Social Media Coordinator: Jada Pisanelli

Driven by an enduring passion for all things content, fashion, and beauty, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jada to delve into her creative background and the unique contributions she brings to Asset Factory.

What is your career background / where have you come from?

I commenced my career in the fashion industry nearly a decade ago, working for an Australian accessories brand. Over time, I transitioned into e-commerce styling and visual merchandising. From then on I have developed my skill set in content creation and styling, eventually leading me to the amazing Asset Factory. I am super passionate about my role here and couldn’t be happier.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my favourite humans, taking leisurely walks with my dog Gus, and indulging in my beauty/wellness routine.

What excites you about joining the team?

Initially starting as a freelancer, I quickly realised that Asset Factory was the perfect fit for me. The creative energy in this studio inspires me daily. Working with the automated StyleShoots™ machines not only empowers me creatively but also ensures exceptional efficiency. As a relatively new studio in Melbourne, I am enthusiastic and confident in the value that Asset Factory brings to the table.

What is your role at Asset Factory, and what will your day to day look like?

I am the Content, Styling & Social Media Coordinator here at Asset Factory.My responsibilities include managing our social media platforms to keep everyone informed about the latest developments in our studios across Melbourne and Auckland. Additionally, you’ll frequently find me immersed in styling for the diverse brands we have the privilege to work with in the Melbourne studio.

People should contact you if they want…

Contact me if you’re seeking assistance in enhancing your e-commerce and social media visuals!