Selecting the Ideal Backdrop for Product Photography

Selecting an ideal backdrop for ecommerce images is a significant decision, one that affects various factors. Photography backgrounds have the potential to elevate your Click-Through Rate (CTR), lower post production expenses, evoke emotions and fortify brand identity. 

This guide will provide a simplified insight on how to take advantage of different background offerings driving brand awareness and personality.

When it comes to shaping brand identity and personality, it is important to pick background colours and textures that align with the brand guidelines and aesthetics. By continuously using brand specific colours and textures, it establishes a distinct point of difference and evokes familiarity with consumers.

To reduce the amount of time and money spent on post production, try and find backgrounds that are an accurate colour representation of what you are after. Minimise any obvious marks by giving the backdrop the appropriate clean, ensuring a professional look.

Finally, when it comes down to it, there are various types of backgrounds you can choose. If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, think paper or cardboard from a craft store. If you prefer something more durable with a longer life span, opt for a paperoll or an anti-tear vinyl material.

Whether you chose our DIY or Drop & Run service, at Asset Factory we are always here to help when considering backdrops. We not only can assist in selecting the appropriate colours for your brand, but can also source backdrops in preparation for your upcoming shoots with us.