Iconic Kiwi brand Swanndri uses all four of our Machines to capture incredible digital content.

Kiwi fashion icon, Swanndri, recently shot their new season collection at Asset factory! To bring their ecommerce to life, the Swanndri team makes use of three machines in one shoot! Because they are so easy to operate and understand, working across multiple machines is no challenge! The Live Machine provides perfect on-model photography. This is a fantastic way to show how individual products can be worn, how they work in combination with each other, and give extra personality to your online store. The Horizontal Machines provides Swanndri with ghost mannequin shots, ideal for showing structure and detail. Instantly clear cutting your images, this machine is an excellent time saving tool. The Vertical Machine provides a flat lay approach, an opportunity to get creative, and the Eclipse is perfect for all small accessories like socks and hats!