Take your fashion photography to the next level with flat lays

Engaging imagery plays a huge part in today’s hyper-competitive consumer fashion market. Using professional flat lay photography, you’ll capture the intricate details of your beautifully designed garments, and produce eye-catching images that will have your customers adding to cart as quick as a red carpet photo flash.

The lowdown on flat lay photography

A strong visual brand identity not only contributes to your brand visibility and awareness, but also helps to create an overall brand experience that will resonate with your target audience. Put simply, professional flat lay fashion photography makes your garments stand out from the crowd, offering a different perspective on traditional model photography. The unique bird’s eye view angle perfectly captures the creases and movement of the material, and you have loads of options for creative expression; capture clear cut images, crisp white background images, or get creative with coloured cards and textures.

Why it’s so important for ecommerce fashion businesses

Flat lays in fashion photography are a good way to show your consumers how to style your products, and what you could pair particular pieces with. It’s inspirational and helps to upsell!

Clear cut flat lay images are essential to ecommerce stores because they give your products the ability to stand out whilst giving your customers a clear idea of the product details; without any distractions. They also provide huge flexibility for content creation, because designers have the ability to position your garments anywhere within promotional or online web stores, no matter the background. 

Plus, providing clear cut images is key for earning PR editorial features and media coverage, and it’s the best option for consistent content with quick and easy post production and upload.

How to take flat lay photography to the next level

To add a bit of pizazz to your fashion photography, there are a few different flat lay techniques you can try. 

  1. Get your vibe right: If you’re going for an organised look, arrange your garments in a linear, grid-like fashion. For a more casual approach, arrange them as if they’ve just landed that way – you can even throw them onto the table! Both options work, it just depends on how you want your brand to be perceived. 
  2. Bolster your backgrounds: Add a piece of coloured card or a complimentary textured fabric that will help to bring your garments to life. For example, a bikini placed on a golden, sandy beach will look more appealing than a bikini sitting on a white background. 
  3. Get proppy: If you want to add a bit of personality to your fashion flat lays, try using a prop that will add a contextual element to your images, or even better, use other relevant garments or products that you sell to cross promote! Whatever you do, don’t add in random props that have no connection to the shoot.
  4. Experiment with different styling techniques: Try grouping and stacking your garments, which are great for showcasing a collection of garments, or a range with different colour options. You can also try a more relaxed fold or scrunch look that shows the textures and makeup of different fabrics and weights. 
  5. Get social: While you’re creating your ecommerce images, take the opportunity to create engaging social media content at the same time!

How we do it at Asset Factory

Asset Factory has two professional fashion photography machines to execute your wildest flat lay dreams! Our Horizontal Machine has built-in editing features, designed to save you hours of post production time. The incredible software and backlit glass work in harmony to clear cut your photo as soon as you tap the capture button.

Our Eclipse Machine is ideal for zoom roll over shots and highly detailed product photography that you’d prefer to shoot on a crisp white ecommerce background. With incredible zoom capabilities, you can capture intricate details, textures, and features at a high-quality.

Both options have a flat lay photography setup designed to make your content creation easy. The user-friendly iPad interface allows you to experiment with different camera angles, brightness settings, and lighting at the touch of a button, and the attached iPad has a live view that shows your styling in real time. No surprises, just beautiful content, efficiently! 

Check out our Creative Flat Lay Guide for more fashion photography inspiration

With the world rapidly changing and brands popping up left and right, engaging content is even more vital. That’s why we’re here to help! Our expert team of fashion photography experts and stylists are on-hand to create incredible content that will enhance your customer engagement, help drive traffic to your ecommerce business, and boost your sales. 

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