Welcome to the Family - March 2024

In March, Asset Factory welcomed new brands to our community in both our Kingsland, Auckland, and Richmond, Melbourne studios. We’re thrilled about the fresh ideas and innovations these newcomers will bring to e-commerce. Join us as we explore the stories of these brands, both new and established.

Gallant Equestrian

Gallant Equestrian combines classic equestrian style with modern flair, crafting premium gear with recycled materials. Their capsule riding wardrobe includes six essential pieces for seamless transitions from stable to everyday life. Designed for versatility, their gear allows riders to dress up or down as needed, ensuring they look and feel their best in any situation. Gallant Equestrian chose our DIY service, shooting their imagery on our Profoto StyleShoots™ Horizontal Machine to capture their product flat lay.

High Tide

High Tide isn't just a store; it's a haven for self-discovery in intimacy and pleasure. They embrace a gender-neutral approach that breaks barriers, fostering an inclusive space where all are welcome to explore without judgement. Carefully curating their products for quality and sustainability, High Tide embodies a commitment to mindful sexual wellness. Step into High Tide for an experience beyond shopping – it's a voyage of empowerment and connection. High Tide opted for our DIY service, shooting their e-commerce product imagery and video in our Melbourne studio.

White Story

Founded in 2015 by Melbourne-based Creative Director Fiona Myer, WHITE STORY offers an alternative to fast-paced luxury fashion with a dedication to simplicity. Every piece is handmade in their Cremorne studio using premium materials, supporting local artisans. Now a full ready-to-wear brand, White Story continues to honour Australian craftsmanship, offering elevated silhouettes with ease. White Story utilises our Drop and Run service to have their Ghost Mannequin imagery shot by an Asset Factory stylist.

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