Welcome to the Family - September 2023

This past September, we had the pleasure of welcoming incredible brands to Asset Factory spanning across our Kingsland, Auckland, and Richmond, Melbourne studios. Let’s explore what these amazing brands have to offer in the world of e-commerce.





Fred Skincare

Fred Skincare, based in Auckland, New Zealand, offers men natural and sustainable skincare products specifically formulated to address their unique needs. Fred Skincare utilises the Eclipse machine for capturing their product imagery. 








Olivia Cashmore

Olivia Cashmore, founded in Auckland, New Zealand, crafts classic and luxurious silhouettes that embody comfort, wearability, and masculine tailoring.

Olivia Cashmore utilises the Vertical machine to capture Ghost Mannequin imagery for her apparel pieces. 









Gingerlilly Sleepwear

Gingerlilly Sleepwear, an Australian owned and designed clothing label, creates effortless sleepwear and lifestyle pieces that prioritise comfort while embracing chic style. Gingerlilly opted for our Drop and Run service, during which we used the Vertical and Eclipse machines for their product imagery. 








Skin & Threads


Skin & Threads, a Melbourne based luxury and sustainable fashion label, utilises our Drop and Run service for the creation of their online product imagery. 











Shore Club Swim


Shore Club Swim offers vintage inspired swim shorts and accessories, often featuring geometric patterns, to seamlessly transition you from the shore to the club. Designed in Australia, Shore Club Swim products are intended to compliment classic staples, to create timeless chic outfits. By choosing our Drop and Run service, we utilised the Vertical and Eclipse machines to create their product imagery.


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