New City, Same Great Content Creation

It’s been almost 9 months since we crossed the Tasman Sea and launched into a quiet, secluded street amongst the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s inner suburb; Richmond.

But rewind to 2016 in New Zealand, where Jo & Andy, through their encounters and interactions with brand owners, shop owners and retailers, found that when it came to content creation and ecommerce photography, they were struggling to keep up with the fast-paced nature of the fashion and FMCG landscape. There was a perpetual need for a constant stream of high-quality imagery that was styled to perfection, had a consistent look and feel, and that could be delivered to market at the click of a button. 

With that need in mind, Asset Factory was born. 

With a team that has creative flair and a deep understanding of digital commerce, coupled with state-of-the-art automated photography machines, Asset Factory is doing just that – producing beautiful content efficiently, cost-effectively and consistently. 

Mirroring our Auckland studio, our Melbourne photo studio also uses the entire suite of the most innovative, iPad-operated, automated photography machines by Profoto where content can be created and delivered overnight – a welcome change from the sometimes painstaking efforts that are required when taking the traditional content creation route! 

Whether you are a start-up brand or an established large-scale retailer, if you are operating online, there’s an opportunity to create better content in a better, more streamlined way so that you can get your product to your customer, faster. As engaging, high quality content is likely to lead to greater website traffic and higher sales. 

Both our key services are also available here in Melbourne. Style, shoot, video and manage all of your content and assets with our DIY option, using our intuitive machinery and hands-on guidance whenever you need it. Or alternatively, leave it to our experienced Richmond team to handle end-to-end with our Drop & Run. 

Get in touch to chat about your brand’s goals, our services or the technologies we use including our unique visual merchandising software, or book in to visit and tour our Melbourne studio!